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Chamber Music 2000

Cadenza Music are proud to announce the publication of the Chamber Music 2000 collection.

Chamber Music 2000 is the ground-breaking series devised by the Schubert Ensemble in 1998. Their idea was to commission many of Britainís most successful and distinctive living composers to provide challenging but technically accessible repertoire for young musicians and amateurs. The participating composers were invited to write short pieces pitched at the easiest technical level for which they felt able to write, while still preserving the integrity and individuality of their own musical language. To date, over 40 composers have contributed around 55 pieces to the project, all for various combinations of piano and strings, ranging in difficulty from Grade 2 or 3 to Diploma level.

In the first years of the project the Schubert Ensemble coached around 2,500 young players on Chamber Music 2000 pieces, and performed the works to a further 10,000 in 65 schools. Showcase concerts took place all over the UK, including at the South Bank and Wigmore Hall.

In 2006 the Lawson Trio joined CM2000 as an Associate Ensemble, and have continued since then to give workshops, organise showcase concerts and commission new works. and to broaden awareness and performance of the work of Britainís most successful and distinctive living composers. There are plans to involve even more Associate Ensembles to broaden the reach of Chamber Music 2000 as one of the most important cultural and educational resources active in Britain today.

Chamber Music 2000 will be featured in the Schubert Ensemble's 30th Anniversary Celebration concert at King's Place London on 9th March 2013.
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