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El Llanto de los Suenos

El Llanto de los Suenos

Stephen Goss

'El Llanto de los Suenos' (The Weeping of Dreams) draws on ideas and images from the poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca. The music suggests a dream-like nostalgia for the Andalusia of the nineteen-twenties and early thirties, when Manuel de Falla and Lorca were revitalising flamenco and local culture.

The title is taken from the first line of Lorca's poem Las seis cuerdas (The Six Strings) – 'La guitarra hace llorar a los suenos' (‘The guitar makes dreams weep’). The music borrows the colours and harmonies that Debussy and Ravel blended in their Spanish music – a potent cocktail of Andalusian folk music, early jazz, 19th-century Romanticism, and French Impressionism.

'El Llanto de los Suenos' is dedicated to David and Maria Russell. The first performance was given by David Russell at Kings Place, London, on 30th October 2008.
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