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A Draught of Fishes

A Draught of Fishes

Cecilia McDowall
Difficulty: intermediate  

Preview  Piano  String Quartet 
This piece has been specially written for St Paulís Boys School. St Paulís was founded by John Colet in 1509 with 153 children, a number traditionally associated with the gospel miracle of the draught of fishes in which Jesus suggests to his disciples they would have more success if they cast their nets on the other side of the boat.

A Draught Of Fishes opens with sombre strings and liquid piano accompaniment. The mood of the piece then alters to one of optimism and the players Ďcatchí their fish, Schubertís Trout!

To this day there are 153 foundation scholars at St Paulís at any one time and they are entitled to wear a silver fish in their button holes.

Cecilia McDowall
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